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Hi! Our names are Lukas and Christian and we have been friends for 8 years. We are students from Poland and love guessing games.

When we discovered our common passion? During one house party several years ago. There were a lot of people who didn't know each other and the atmosphere was not very nice. You know, groups of 3-4 people who were standing in one place and talk only themselves. The promoter of the reunion didn't know how he could cope with this issue. Me and Lukas pretended that we must do something. We are alive people and bother to be creative each moment our lives. We sit down and create splits of paper with words and phrases to guess. We throw them all into big hat and shout out: 'WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU? COME AND PLAY GUESSING GAMES'. We got everyone attention. All people were hearing us when we were explaining the rules. The first game was CHARADES. We divided people into teams and play in turns. During acting out and guessing charades ideas people were laughing and had fun, they got to know each other. The atmosphere was getting better each minute. After two hours organizer of these party brought two big boards and pens from upstairs and shout out: 'PICTIONARY NOW'. The people were delighted. We didn't change the teams and use the same splits of paper. Everyone was talking to each other and thanks to these games it's no more people's divisions. Someone turn up the music at one moment and all of us started to dance together. The play was continuing up to sunrise - then we noticed what time was it. The party was ended, all people had a good time and the promoter thanked us so much.

After the party we knew that this kind of games is the best icebreaker. We were using them every time we had to get close the people during the meeting. The power of them is unbelievable. All guessing games requires wordlist, so we needed some time to prepare it before all parties we took part. We couldn't imagine a reunion without playing charades or catchphrase. But... not always we had time for preparation. We coped with this issue and have created own website. It consists: word and phrase generator with almost 6000 ideas which are divided into 3 difficulty levels, a stopwatch, descriptions of three most popular guessing games (charades, pictionary, catchphrase) and printables. Everything is free, so what you need to start the game? A computer or phone with network connection, that's all.

What is our objectives? Make possible to play guessing games every time and anywhere you want. Share fun which provides these plays with our friends and all people who play them. We're sure you like our website.
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