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What it is

Catchphrase is a word game which is played in the groups. The point of the play is get your teammates to guess a word or phrase correctly by providing various clues. The aim of the game is achieve the winning score which should be determined before the first round.


What is the most needed to start the play except the people? Words to guess, of course. Sometimes people use a special device which displays phrases and scores the points, but you must pay for it. You may also devise your own words, write them down on splits of paper singly and place in a hat. Unfortunately, this way requires much time before the play. The easiest measure to get the wordlist is load our site and run the online generator or use printables. Generate words or print them out for free on this website to start your game immediately. Moreover, if you use our site you don't need to look for a stopwatch. Set up the play time during choosing words' difficulty level.

How to play

At the beginning, determine the play time and winning score. Divide all people into two teams. Everyone sits down in a circle, but remember that teammates cannot be located next to each other. Choose one person to start. This player generate the word and begin describing. He/she may use verbal clues and physical gestures during the other teammates are shouting out their propositions. When one of them identifies it correctly, the team scores a point. If not or time is up, the team gets no point. The members of the second group are silent during it. After that, the opposite team has its turn. The person, who sits next to the first clue-giver, generates the phrase and try to present it to his/her group as quickly as possible. All is replicating up to get the winning score by one of the teams.

There are some prohibited things during giving the clues:

  • Saying your word or any its variations;
  • Saying a word that rhymes with your word;
  • Saying the first letter of your word;
  • Saying a part of your word (phrase).
  • Variations

    You can play more than two teams. The condition which you have to observe is at least 2 players in one team. Each team needs a clue-giver and the second person, who guesses the word.

    Tailor the play time to the age of the players and their skills. If you play with the youngest, don't set up the time limit. If you are all adults and you have played catchphrase many times, your time may be shorten up to 10 or 15 seconds.

    The words' difficulty level which you choose in our online generator depends on your and your friends expectations, of course.

    To make your game more challenging you can set up the maximum amount of words you can use during one round. If you apply them all, you must pantomime only.

    One of the variations is very interesting. The round is ended only when the time runs out. When your team indicate your word correctly, you generate the next phrase immediately and start describing again. Each guessed word - one point for your team. Try to do it as quickly as you can, because during one turn your group can score a lot of points and become the leader.
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