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About the game

Pictionary is one of the guessing games which provides a lot of fun and laugh to each player. No wonder that probably it is known all over the world. The clue of the play is drawing a secret word or phrase by one person, during the rest must guess it in the shortest time they can. Talking, gesticulation, writing letters, numbers or hashes by the picturist are prohibited. Two teams usually take part in it but there are a lot of variations of this play so everyone can tailor it to own expectations. Pictionary is an ideal play during parties and meetings.


Prepare some equipment which allows you draw. We mean pencils and sheets or pads of paper. If you have, for example, a board in your house, you can also use it. There is more place to sketch, so it is more comfortable. A notebook will be useful to write down the scores. Normally, to start the game you need the wordlist. It is the base of words and phrases of every province. It can consist of: proverbs, simply words, idioms, places, actions, titles of books or movies and much more. The variety of pictionary words causes that they are different hard level, so we must remember to choose appropriate level to skills and age of all players. Thanks to our online pictionary words generator you can forget about sitting prior the game, imaging phrases and writing them down on slips of paper. You need only a computer, phone or tablet with a network connection. Launch our generator, choose the word's difficulty level and click the button LET'S PLAY. Don't worry about a stopwatch, set up the playtime in the generator if you want make your game more unpredictable.

How to play

Pictionary is a party game which we can play in many ways. Make attention to set up the rules before you start.

Usually, the game looks as follows. There are two teams, which include the same amount of players. Decide which group will begin by flip the coin or roll the die. Each team assigns the first picturist. This person generate a word or phrase and try to sketch it as well as he/she can. It is a great moment to present your drawing skills. Of course, there is the time limit for it (usually 1 minute), so hurry up! If your teammates indicate correctly the pictionary phrase, your group gets the point. If they don't or the time runs out, the second team takes its turn and do the same. The picturists in each team should be changed to give everyone a chance to sketch. Decide what is the winning score, usually is 10.

The number of teams can be higher, but according mostly of people playing in 2 groups is the best.

You can play also singly if you want or your group is too small to play in teams. Then, one person is the picturist and the rest of the players try to guess what is being drawn. One correctly indicating - one point for this person. When someone gets the winning score, the picturist can be switched and the game starts again. You can play without points, too. Then, a person who guess the pictionary word, becomes the next picturist.

A lot of people use the special board but it is not essential.

Remember, the game is for you and your friends. Don't hesitate to make your own rules. Decide to play in teams or singly, extend or shorten the time limit or play without it, choose the word's difficulty level, divide your pictionary phrases into categories or not, devise a new scoring system, do everything to make the game more suitable to your needs.

Prons of playing pictionary

1. A fantastic opportunity to develop kids' drawing skills.
2. Introducing a nice atmosphere among people during parties, especially if they haven't known each other before.
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