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About game

Charades is kind of guessing play which is probably invented during the 18th century in France. This is game of pantomimes and all play goes on acting out the secret phrase by one person to the others. During presenting a charade ideas you mustn't speak or make any sound. The objective is guess by other players what person, proverb, TV show, movie or book is acting out in the shortest time it is possible. General, two teams take part in the game.


Divide people into two teams. These groups should have equal amount of members. Point out that one team should not consist of only kids if in the second all are adults. Two teams must have a fair shake. After, prepare charade ideas. They can be written on splits of paper by players and thrown to the container, for example a hat. Remember that the difficulty level of charade words must be appropriate to age and skills of all players. During playing in teams, each group prepares words and phrases to opposite team, so then two het are required. FORGET ABOUT IT! You can use our online words generator. It is more effortless and faster way. Run it on your computer, pick up the difficulty level of phrases, set up the time limit and press button LET'S PLAY. It is everything you must do to start the game and don't worry about assigning a person who can be the timekeeper or looking for cuts of paper and writing down the ideas.

How to play

The game hold in turns. You have to decide which team goes first by flip the coin for example. Team A assigns one person to act out. He/she grabs one split from hat out or generate word from our website, has a moment to review it and start presenting it by pantomime. His/her teammates try to guess it as quickly as possible. If they cope with it, the team score the point. If they don't figure him/her out or time is up, the second team has its turn. You must determine the winning score before first round, usually it is 10.


1. Start your acting out from indicate the category of your phrase:

  • movie - act to crank a dated movie camera,
  • book - unfold your hands as if they were a book,
  • play - act to twitch the rope which opens a theater curtain,
  • song - act to hold the microphone near to your mouth,
  • TV show - make a square with your both index fingers and thumbs,
  • event - point to your wrist as if you were wearing a watch and after point your thumb backwards over one of your shoulders to indicate that is the past event and point your index finger ahead to present that is the future event,
  • person - stand in a pose with your hands on your hips,
  • place - sketch a circle in the air by your hands (it is a symbol of the Earth) and point to as if you were point the map,
  • phrase, proverb or quote - make quotation marks in the air with your index and middle fingers.
  • 2. Show on your fingers number of words.
    3. If you can't show whole phrase try to present single words. Remember to hold up the number of fingers which word you're working on.
    4. If the word is short, hold thumb close to index finger. If the idea is long, hold them as far as possible apart.
    5. If the word is extremely hard you can divide your acting out to syllables. Put correct number of fingers on your arm to indicate how many syllables is in this word and do it again to present which syllable you're working on.
    6. If someone shout out something which sounds like the word you are acting out, hold your hand behind ear.
    7. To show your teammates that it is a good word but in plural form, join up your little fingers.
    8. To present that someone said correct word, point at this person and put the second hand on your nose.
    9. 'Past tense' is acting out by pointing with your thumb backwards over one of your shoulder.

    Additional information

    Described rules are common and you don't have to follow them at all. Don't worry devise your owns. This game is really universal and everyone should tailor it to own needs. You can increase the number of teams, play singly, create new signals and gestures among your teammates, apply a new scoring system and much more. There are tens of ideas to make your game more suitable to you and your friends.
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